Injury Evaluation
Before you settle your case, answer these eight questions!
An injury evaluation helps to determine the extent and nature of a health issue, necessary to recommend medical treatments. Even minor whiplash can develop into serious injuries, if left untreated after a car accident. You shouldn't wait until after a car accident settlement to see a medical provider.
  • Do you have whiplash?

  • Do you have ligament damage?

  • Do you have bone damage?

  • Do you have muscle damage?

  • Do you have joint damage?

  • Should you miss work?

  • Do you have permanent impairment or disabilities?

  • How much will treatment cost?

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Your evaluation includes two X-RAYS.

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Whiplash is many times misunderstood! It is normally caused by a collision that whips the heavy head of a person in relation to the body. This can result in stretching and tearing of the ligaments in the neck and back! Many times this can be seen on motion x-rays in a stair step effect on the alignment of the bones. This injury, though many times made fun of, can be serious. In many cases it is accompanied by a pinched nerve with radiating pain or numbness! This type of injury should be diagnosed as soon as possible using evaluation and x-rays so that proper treatment can be given. In many cases the injury can result in permanent impairment or disability!
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